"Between Imagination And Visual...Is Light."

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Since 2009

I believe a movie is not just about having a great actor, story, and director. These are for us filmmakers. But for the audience, they want more; they want everything we want but they want to see a star. Not an actor or actress, a movie star.

As an Asian, we’ve got plenty of movie stars from Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, China, and India. But as an Asian American where is my true Asian American movie star?  

So instead I jump straight into the Hollywood dream, I stay in the San Gabriel Valley and I try to build from the ground up. I created two programs, one is call Auteur 5, and the other is call Express Star Maker program.  The goal is to search for young, early age Asian American talent in the community and build a long-term partnership with them.  Movie Stars are not make overnight, it will take time.   At Mount Hua, this is just the start of our journey.

Jimmy Duong
Founder of Mount Hua Entertainment

My name is Jimmy Duong, I am a film director, producer, and president of... nah... let’s skip the IMDb intro.

My name is Jimmy Duong. I was born in Vietnam in 1976, came to the United States, San Jose in 1987 at 11 with my parent. After a few months, we moved to L.A. We settled there until my high school year before moving again to the San Gabriel Valley; I have loved it ever since. Why? Because everywhere, every Chinese supermarket or plaza, they all have a Chinese video rental store! My all time the most favorite movie is Police Story starring Jackie Chan and Maggie Cheung. This film introduced me to the Hong Kong cinema and many Chinese TV shows. Actors and actresses like Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Maggie Cheung, Chow Yuen Fat, Vivian Chow, and Steven Chow influenced me. During my teenage years, I wasn’t fond of the Hollywood film at all. Never liked much of God of Father, Star Wars, Boyz N the Hood or Rocky.  Until later in my adult life, then I appreciated these film. And why didn’t I like them in the beginning? Because I didn’t know these actors. They are very new.   

Let's fast forward, somehow, somewhere, sometimes, I became a filmmaker.  Making Asian American films is easy, but figuring out how to return the investors' money is not. 

My biggest dream one day is to see Asian American actors and actress that influence me, inspire me, like the same way those Hong Kong actors backed in my teenage days. I try to look for Asian American films to watch and turns out I don’t like it.  They are talented and they have beautiful stories. But why?

Because I don’t know these actors. They are very new.  When I wanted to watch more of their movies, there are none. My famous Hong Kong’s idol star Andy Lau at least has over 100 feature films to his name and a half of them he dies in the movie. You get the picture!