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ESM's acting workshop with Lee Chen Norman

Highlight of the Month! 

So Tomorrow You Can Be The Lead
Our group is made up of independent filmmakers from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds. We do not discriminate against anyone and hope to work together to accomplish our goals. Making a movie is hard, but to find distribution and be profitable is almost insurmountable.
Therefore we decided to build the first independent Asian American Distribution Channel. This distribution Channel can help us bring our movies to audiences without the traditional Hollywood channels that seeks to be gatekeepers to lock out positive portrayals of Asian Americans and other minorities.

We strongly disagree with Aaron Sorkin that there are no Asian American stars and that's why there are no movies being made with Asian Americans.

New Media is the future of content distribution and we're embracing it wholeheartedly.

How Are We Making A Change Today?
Our hard work is driven by the principles of equality and fairness to promote more positive Asian American lead characters in the media. We want to create more positive roles for Asian Americans, and it's our intention to inspire and help filmmakers to create better and more heroic portrayals of Asian Americans.

Hollywood whitewash? 

After 2 months of brainstorming and development workshops, we are finally ready to produce our next new media project, Mount Hua's first musical, working title: "CRAFTED!"

In 2015-2016

Auteur 5 Group current new media project: "Nine Out Of Ten" first Episode "LEAP OF FAITH" - Directed and Produced by Mack Wei

Meet one of our Express Star Maker stars: Phone Tha (front & center). At the age of only 18, he is writing his second musical, "CRAFTED" - coming soon in 2016.  He is a writer, composer and is majoring in Theater. 

Meet one of our Express Star Maker future stars: Janet Li.  Currently working with us on her music video cover songs.

6 Insane Stereotypes That Movies Can’t Seem to Get Over

Our Workshops

Our Gift To The Artists
We provide our studio free to local artists, filmmakers, directors, writers, actors, singers and production crew to come share our resources to create their projects.  From filming music videos, kickstarter videos to fund their project, and many other types of support on their projects.  We all here for one common goal, to be prepared for an online digital future of independent media, and we like you to be part of our community!

In 2014-2015

Since 2009

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We need your help to join in our movement to make this dream a reality for our community.

This month, we finished building our distribution channel. So please take a look and consider giving us your support today by becoming our first group of subscribers for only $4.99 a month.

Well, with your $4.99 a month, you're not only supporting us, but also helping us to make more movies with positive Asian American leads. In addition to our many indie media contents, subscribers receive exclusive access to watch our feature films and attend aforementioned free training workshops.

You can be our VIP guest onset and watch our film production process, attend our private celebration parties, photo-ops with our actors behind the scenes, and even learn to act and perform alongside our talents.

Can Netflix, Hulu or Amazon give you these perks and many more in the future?

ESM"s talent search.  Contact us for more info!

Yes We Can!
I am proud to announce we are finished on our first feature film "Cherish" and have several more in post-production.
For several years, our team have been working hard on two workshops, Auteur 5 Movement and Express Star Maker. By collaborating with local community artists and filmmakers, we have managed to achieve much success in becoming an online presence for generating independent original content.
We've launched several great programs and workshops and fostered a mutual goal that by helping our community we can create hope and change.

In 2016-2017

Asian Women Get Short Shrift in The Interview 

Cherish (2015)

In 2013-2014

In 2015-2016

In 2012-2014

Thoughts Afar in Mooolight (2017)

Silent Good Bye (2016)

In 2013-2015

Our Gift To The Community
Auteur 5 and Express Star Maker programs are comprised of independent filmmakers and local talents teaming up to accomplish their dreams by using our studio space for productions, participating in free training workshops on acting, dancing, singing, and help for artists trying to kick-start their feature film and online TV projects.

In 2013-2015

In 2011-2015

We Produced Four Shorts, and are hitting the film festivals!

Purple Hearts 二世英雄!  Trickle Down 涓流恐懼! Bésame 藍鞋子! and Cold Gun 冷槍 (In Post)! 

Our Auteur 5 Movement Summer Projects!   We not want to make  films to keep reminding how Asian American being bully and their struggle in this country,  because there are already plenty out there.     Instead, our vision and inspiration is to share many great beautiful and heroic stories of Asian American.  Stories that are uplifting, inspiring, bravery, heroic,  and romantic.   Although we all fighting for our freedom everyday, but I see the future is full of beautiful dreams and opportunities ahead for all of us!

In 2009-2011

Can We Do Something?

Throughout film history, Hollywood has consistently portrayed Asian Americans negatively.

From white actors depicting Asians and Asian Americans in racist yellowface caricatures to ongoing depictions of Asian characters as the evil henchman, "Dragonlady" and subservient social pariahs.

Nine Out Of Ten (2016)

Our Milestones